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2009 Relay for Life367 viewsCharlotte--Original Outlaw and Mom on the track at the Relay for Life--Great time for all Outlaws!
THE PINK OUTLAW TABLE AT THE 2009 RELAY FOR LIFE-FT. WORTH389 viewsThe Pink Outlaw team raised over $5,000 for the Relay for Life..Way to go Outlaws--Each of you are a force to be reckoned with!!
LUMINARIA BAGS193 viewsThe Luminaria ceremony is a very emotional part of the Relay experience.
Kat and Pam391 viewsA good time was had by all at the 2009 Relay for Life
SHANNON GETS HER PALM LOADED WITH PAINT!178 viewsEach survivor's palm was painted purple and then they put their wet palm onto the Relay Banner.
SHANNON PUTS HER "STAMP" ON ANOTHER SHIRT270 viewsWe think this was a great idea..we will continue the tradition every year.
The Original Outlaw's Handprint264 viewsThe Ft. Worth Relay made a banner of all survivor's handprints which will be displayed each year at the Relays. What an awesome sight.
SHANNON SIGNS HER PALM PRINT190 viewsWe decided it was a great idea for Shannon to stamp the back of our shirts with her palm print and then sign and date it! Love it!!
THE PINK OUTLAWS MARCH FOR THE RELAY236 viewsThe beautiful Pink Outlaws--you go girls!
'CURLY OUTLAW"274 viewsWho is that Outlaw?
ROASTED CORN--'YUM'284 viewsOutlaw Charlotte enjoys a much deserved treat.
NIGHTIE NITE406 viewsThe truly tough Outlaws spent the night at the relay. One team member is on the track at all times. Outlaw mom was not one of the tough ones--bet you could have guessed that one!!
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